What is Confirmation? It is a desire to explore more deeply and gain understanding of the teaching and life of the Church, which is followed by an affirmation of your faith.

This is generally done by reading and discussing key aspects of faith with your priest, usually in a small group. Once you have done this then you will attend a special service, conducted by a Bishop, where you will state you are prepared for the next step on your Christian journey. During the service the Bishop will then lay his hands on your head to complete your full status as a member of the church.

You can be at any stage in your life or any age to explore confirmation. Generally people are confirmed in their teens, but in recent years people from 10 to 70 years old have been confirmed. You need to have been baptised before you are confirmed. If you have not been
baptised then arrangements can be made for baptism to be done before confirmation in a separate service, or as part of the confirmation service.

A period of between six and ten weeks is usual to discuss the foundations of our belief, such as the Lord’s Prayer, and the Creed. You will also be taken through the Confirmation Service, so you understand its significance.

Please speak to us about being confirmed and you can then agree on a time frame to suit your needs.