Over the past few days those who have ventured round the back of the church will have seen a small digger and a number of holes which have been dug in the graveyard. This is a sign of preparatory activity to help us move towards planning permission for the Vestry and Toilet extension for St Michael’s. Various studies have now been carried out, including Trees, Environmental (bats) and Archaeological. The holes have been dug to allow percolation tests to be carried out to help determine the best form of drainage for the new installation. James Rowe has been assiduous in measuring the water dispersal over several days, sitting in the chilly church while waiting to take his readings. We are all grateful to James for this necessary work.

There has also been a meeting of the Building Committee to assess progress and where we are with fundraising. We have successfully covered the costs of the current works and expert surveys thanks to the generosity of the Friends of St Michael’s and the vanguard of donors from the congregation.